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Do you have a child with a visual dysfunction in your classroom?

by Ronald Kinsley-Crisp. M.Phil.B.Phil.ED.(VH).1998

A Manual and Assessment Kit for use by Teachers in mainstream schools who have children with learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems, but who are not Regarded as Visually Impaired.

It may also be used by Teachers of the Visually Impaired and other professionals working in the field of Visual Impairment, as a baseline diagnostic test.

Based on over 25 years experience of working with visually impaired and multi-handicapped children of all ages and 4 years research at Loughborough University, the author has compiled an information manual and a series of non-clinical visual tests for the assessment of the functional vision of school children with special reference to those mentioned above.

Manual includes:

  • What a Teacher Needs to Know
  • What a Teacher Should Look For
  • Simple Ways for a Teacher to Assess a Child's Functional Vision in a Classroom
  • Functional Vision Checklist
  • Example of Completed Checklist
  • Glossary on Terms a Teacher May Come Across
  • Remedial Advice.

Assessment Kit contains:

  • Information on Normal Sight/Vision, non-clinical test for:
    • Eye Dominance
    • Distance Vision
    • Near Vision
    • Visual Discrimination/Colour Vision
    • Hand-Eye Co-ordination
    • Paper Glare
    • Use of Coloured Overlays
  • Master Sheets
  • Matching Cards and Information Sheets.

All information, directories etc. are written in such a way that all teachers should easily be able to use the kit etc. Information gained from the assessment will allow the child's teacher to ascertain whether or not a child's learning difficulties etc. are due to a visual dysfunction and will also allow her to provide an informed, productive remedial programme to help him overcome his problems.

Both the manual and assessment kit are housed in a ring binder to allow the photocopying of the Master Sheets etc. They can also be provided in a different format should a teacher so wish.